Designer Evan Biddell's new boutique opens in Toronto

Joseph Fuda

“Everyone said there’s no way you’re going to do this,” confides Biddell on initial reactions to his plans to open a boutique/studio on Ossington Avenue in Toronto.  

The Project Runway Canada winner and LG Fashion Week statement-maker ignored naysayers and quickly made the raw, exposed brick space his own in tandem with designing his Fall 2010 collection.  Thick licks of plaster coat the walls, while exposed beams and spotlight lighting give indie-gallery ambiance.  In general, the space he shares with photographer Joesph Fuda has a carefully considered raw patina.  Popsicle leather zippered jumpsuits and jackets are mounted on the walls using magnet clips, while an alter-like display at the back of the boutique dramatically showcases floor-sweeping numbers.  Ever the multi-tasker, Biddell has staged a photoshoot is during the opening earlier this week.  He easily interacts with both his guests and the new collection, adjusting each style and directing the model while talking up onlookers.  What most would find highly frenetic, he approaches with his signature laid-back attitude. As for the clothes, swooping outsize silhouettes are decidedly larger-than-life.

134 Ossington Ave, Toronto