If we only knew

Here at FLARE, we’ve tried and tested campuses across Canada, even into the States, collecting degrees that afford us the ability to talk to you month after month. So, in lending you advice, we figured we’d just ask ourselves: what’s the one thing I wish someone had told me?

If we only knew

FLARE answers: What’s the one thing we wish someone told us about our post-secondary experience?

“I wish someone had told me to take classes of interest, not just those that were required. My school offered ballet and art classes, and I wish I had taken more classes like that.”

“Spend your summers studying and/or working abroad because once you enter the working world you’ll be lucky if you can take two weeks off in a row.  And don’t underestimate the value of studying languages.”
“Study hard, but don’t become so consumed by your schoolwork that you forget to enjoy your university years. They are precious and fleeting.”
“I wish I had known that living in a dorm is like a breeding ground for disease – stay healthy, eat well and keep vitamins and Purell on hand!”
“Don’t burn out too fast. Study and strive to do your best but remember to stop, relax and have fun because whatever your chosen career, there’s a lifetime of hard work—and stress—waiting for you after graduation.”
 “Look into joining any of the many groups and clubs at your disposal. Even if it doesn’t seem like your scene, it’s still a great way to meet people.”
“When possible, plan your schedule to have Fridays off. It’ll give you a nice long weekend and good recovery time post-Thursday pub night.”

“Remember to experiment. Be curious. Take classes in things you didn’t suspect, at first glance, you’d be interested in. This is the greatest opportunity of your life to let your mind roam free in a land of ideas, and with the added benefit of having access to people who can help you navigate some of the harder stuff. You’ll have plenty of time to worry about the practical making-money part of life after college, so make this an intellectual adventure.”