How to Shop For This Season's Vintage Decor Trends—On a Budget

Looking to tap into this season's most popular vintage trends without going into the red? We've got insider tips for how to deck out your space while staying on budget


Tiffany Piotrowski’s picture perfect living room (Photo: Tiffany Piotrowski)

Anyone who has attempted to shop for vintage furniture knows that it requires patience, dedication and usually deep pockets.

But if you’re locked into a budget (#samesame) that doesn’t mean you need to skip this season’s what’s-old-is-new-again decor vibe entirely. “It’s all about studying the trends and what you like,” says Tiffany Piotrowski, designer at Sarah Richardson Design and blogger at Tiffany Leigh Interior Design. “Look at inspiration from the style you like and determine the key threads that are essential to recreating that decor trend.”

So, if you want to go for a minimalist Scandinavian vibe—think white walls and a neutral palette—Piotrowski advises the (almost) unthinkable: “Get an IKEA couch that fits that aesthetic and then build on that feel with a great vintage chair or credenza that will be more in line with your budget.”

Piotrowski’s other tips for shopping vintage on a budget include scouring Craigslist and Kijiji for local deals, stopping by thrift stores for accessories like vintage plates, vases and knick knacks, and looking online for auctions and estate sales in your area. The company organizing the sale will typically post photos of the items ahead of time leaving you to budget how much to bid. “True story; I bought a rug for $90 at an estate sale that was then appraised in the thousands,” says Piotrowski.

And though this may go against our polite Canadian instincts, haggling for a better price is encouraged, especially if you’re picking up more than one piece at places like flea markets where you can deal with the seller directly.

If your hunt for vintage treasures on a shoestring is still unsuccessful, Piotrowski recommends buying new pieces that evoke the real thing. “Vintage-inspired can be done well and can be an easier option for some people since finding those vintage pieces can be a hit and miss situation.”

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