Trust: Baby's Style In Dirty Dancing Endures—Here's How to Steal It

Have the time of your life in some Frances Houseman-inspired get-ups

The first time we saw Frances “Baby” Houseman on screen in (almost) everyone’s favourite dance-themed romance flick, Dirty Dancing, we knew there was a style icon hiding behind those apprehensive merengue steps. Has anyone ever looked better dance-descending a staircase in a dusty pink bodysuit and oversized jean shorts? And what else would you  possibly wear to seduce the hunky hotel dance instructor but a white, smocked peasant blouse, white jeans and statement earrings?

Even though everyone treated her like like she was the most naive human at Kellerman’s, Baby knew what was up, and that ’60s summer style has come full-circle—she served up v. au courant millennial pink, crop tops and white sneakers throughout the whole movie.

In honour of Dirty Dancing’s 30th anniversary—and summer’s last few glorious weekends—we encourage embracing Baby’s style, whether you’re Cha Cha-ing with your boo, playing shuffle board with the fam or hauling a watermelon into a party.

Herewith, how to dress like Baby, inspired by four of her very best looks.

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