How to choose dresses that will distract from your middle.

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Question: I am a very young 59 years old. However, I have problems with my upper and lower abdominal muscles due to surgeries. Exercising does not reduce the “bulge”. What type of day/evening dress(s) would you recommend?

Consider yourself one of many with a ‘belly pooch’ or apple figure. There are lots of great dresses and separates to choose from that will distract from your middle and focus on your great attributes.

Choose a top or dress with a ruched centre seam or line down the center. It will help create a leaner torso by cinching the waist. A jacket or top with wide sleeves (bracelet length) are good – they help make the torso look smaller by comparison. Wear a knee-length patterned skirt with a solid top, it draws attention to the lower half of the body.

A dark shirt or top with a large white collar will help frame the face and draw the eye upwards.

Check out the following retailers for figure flattering pieces: Holt Renfrew, Banana Republic, Jacob, Laura, Mendocino and the Bay.

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