How To Be A Fashion Visionary

In today's multi-platform age, it helps to have your hands in a few pots. Herewith, a foolproof plan for style-world stardom.


Bryanboy (Photo: Keystone Press)

Cement Your Social Media Status First, pick your poison: Twitter, Instagram or Vine. Focus your attention on building a voice and a following on one platform before branching out to others. Oh, and you’ll need a clever moniker. See: Blonde Salad, The; Bryanboy

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

Perfect Your Pose Street-style visibility is part of the package, so make sure you take your signature statement bag/shoe/wacky hat combo out for a stroll and develop a fresh way to mug. See: Delevingne, Cara

Derek Blasberg

Derek Blasberg with Anna Dello Russo (Photo: Getty Images)

Get a Famous BFF Sometimes, the quickest way to fame is by proxy, so befriend an existing supermodel/supernova, tag along for the ride and snap copious selfies. See: Blasberg, Derek

Hannah Bronfman (Photo: Instagram @Hannahbronfman)

Hannah Bronfman (Photo: Instagram @Hannahbronfman)

Book a Sexy Side Gig Today’s most revered fashion-world multi-hyphenates? DJs. Get some turntables, head to a party and let the world hear your highly relevant iPhone playlist (mixing experience not required). See: Bronfman, Hannah

Leandra Medine

Leandra Medine

Create a Genre-Defining Blog that later becomes a book. Print isn’t dead yet! See: Medine, Leandra

Photo: Instagram @Anna_Dello_Russo

Anna Dello Russo (Photo: Instagram @Anna_Dello_Russo)

Sign a lucrative contract with a beauty or fast-fashion retailer: design a shoe, a lipstick, a purse, anything. Collect your countless bags of money. See: Dello Russo, Anna