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Hot Ticket: No Comment! Sweatshirt Takes Off

No Comment! takes off: A FLARE contributor – and Tonya Harding apologist – creates a limited-edition sweatshirt inspired by The Price of Gold.

Photo via Etsy

Photo via Etsy

When New York-based FLARE writer Durga Chew-Bose (read her interview with Alexa Chung for Flare here, it’s so good) and friend Dayna Tortorici decided to make sweatshirts inspired by The Price of Gold, the recent ESPN documentary on controversial, bad girl figure skater Tonya Harding, they didn’t count on the side-project taking off in such an unexpected way.

Inspired by a shot of a media-embattled Harding getting out of a car in a graphic No Comment! sweatshirt in the film, Chew-Bose and Tortorici enlisted the help of Teddy Banks from design studio CHIPS NY to recreate the piece, whose Instagrammed popularity (Lena Dunham is a fan) further propelled them to sell limited editions on Etsy, but only until April 7th. “We’re both Tonya apologists,” Chew-Bose told us. “And we’ve since learned, so are tons of other people!” Even if you’re not on Team Tonya, Chew-Bose adds, “they look good on everybody.” Get yours fast.

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