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Hot Take: OITNB's Dascha Polanco Wore a Swimsuit to NYFW

Love it or loathe it? OITNB star Dascha Polanco wore a bathing suit AS AN OUTFIT (read: with heels) to The Blondes show at NYFW and we have thoughts...

dascha polanco NYFW

The outfit in question (Photo: Slash News)

Hot Take #1: “Nope, not into it. But it has nothing to do with that luscious body. Sure, Rihanna flashes nipples and butt cheeks on the regs, but she’s a stage performer, among a crew that wears bodysuits sweating it out in sequins on stage for zillions of fans. Could Beth Ditto have pulled this off? Yep. Polanco however, is a still relatively obscure actress on Orange Is The New Black, and as a result, comes off as just plain thirsty.” —Carlene Higgins, fashion and beauty director

Hot Take #2: “Wait, so only ‘stage performers’ are allowed to wear ultra-revealing outfits? Arguably two of the biggest celebrities on the entire planet right now all recently appeared in nothing more than a fistful of beads and sequins: not on stage, however, but on the red carpets of the snobbiest of snobby high-fashion events. There’s RiRi at the CFDA awards in that trend-setting Adam Selman in 2014 where she literally had her tits out (as she later told Vogue: “Could you imagine the CFDA dress with a bra? I would slice my throat. I already wanted to, for wearing a thong that wasn’t bedazzled. That’s the only regret I have in my life”). Then, at the 2015 Met Ball, Beyonce donned merely 1,273 stick-on jewels and a pony for, arguably, fashion’s most fancy event (there is an entire documentary about it, y’all). Honourable mentions go to Kim Kardashian West, who also wore a see-through mega-watt Dallas spectacular at the ’15 ball, albeit a little less revealing one, (for once), and to Taylor Swift, who, despite her generally less-sexy style, donned a long-sleeved sequinned romper that barely covered her ass at the 2014 VMAs. These women got a lot of press for these looks, but it was generally of the YAAAAAAS QUEEEEEEEN variety, praising them as fashion-forward goddesses chicly, simultaneously wielding their sexuality and sartorial prowess. This is because, despite their curves, they still fall within society’s teensy-tiny mandates of Acceptably Chic Body Types: big breasts, small waists, curves in the societally desirable places, no general lumpiness or strange proportions. (This is why Lena Dunham gets so much shit for her body-baring ensembles or even her occasional couture gowns. She has curves—but not the right ones.) They are also extremely, monumentally famous. It is utterly ridiculous that wearing boundary-pushing or booty-revealing pieces should exclusively be the privilege of mega-celebs with ‘acceptable’ curves. All women should be able to wear whatever they want. Sure, there’s stuff that’s great on some people, and less great on others, but whether an outfit falls into one category or the other should be the decision of the wearer, not the sniping, cruel public at large or snooty fashion poobahs. Once photos of Dascha Polanca started circulating, there were tons of headlines like, “LOL you forgot your pants! <<crying emoji>>” and Facebook posts from women saying “Cool with ladies wearing what they want, but just dress for your shape.” Where were the screeds denouncing Beyonce, slamming Kim, trashing Rihanna for wearing what they want? Instead just the constant, constant concern-trolling cry of “dress for your shape,” which always and forever means, “Cover up, fat girl. No-one wants to see that.” You know what? I want to see that. I love seeing a curvy woman like myself with lumps and bumps wearing a teeny-tiny bit o’ nothing to a fashion show. That is not a fashion faux pas. It is bravery—and brave is beautiful.” —Briony Smith, senior editor—culture

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