Hot Gossip From NYFW: Day 7

Whispers, buzz and certified hot gossip from backstage

Photo by Keystone Press

1.  Sarah Jessica Parker has finally spoken out about her decision to leave Halston this past July after just over a year as president and chief creative officer. She claims, “the business was being taken in a direction I wasn’t interested in pursuing,” and as a result both she and Harvey Weinstein have severed ties with the brand. Despite the parting of ways, SJP graciously remarks, “I feel honoured to have worked there – even if only for a brief time. Halston was an amazing experience, and I’m really proud of what I got to do there and of the people I got to work with.” [British Vogue]

2.  Actor Thomas Jane made an unusual appearance at the Hervé Léger show yesterday. Just as the show was starting, Jane stood up from his front row seat and walked backstage, forcing an anxious PR girl to quickly slip in to fill the space. After a few moments, with the show in full swing, Jane attempted to creep back down the stairs in his section and return to his coveted spot. He walked on the runway in the process, and then sat on the lap of the seat filler for the remainder of the show. The audience was left whispering about the disruption for hours after. [The Cut] — Andrea Karr

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