Hooked on a feeling

Beauty habits to start now

Hooked on a feeling
Beauty habits to start now

1. Wash your face every night. No excuses!
Gently washing your face nightly is a good way to aid in preventing clogged pores. It’s not dirt that causes acne. Acne is actually a much deeper process involving the sebaceous follicles on the face, but you do need to get rid of surface grime from makeup, products and daily running around which can lead to surface breakouts, eruptions and irritations. And no, you are not excused from this nightly ritual even if you do not wear makeup.

Tip: Save steps by using a makeup remover and cleanser in one!
Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser.

2. Wear sunscreen daily
No need for a lecture but prevention before harm is a good credo for life and a good reason for sunscreen. Beat sun damage and premature wrinkles by applying daily.

Banana Boat Sport Dri-Blok, SPF 30.

3. Oil Control
Controlling oil starts to be an issue in your teen years when oil glands in the body start making more sebum (oil). Back to back classes means not much time for touch ups so oil absorbing sheets are a handy discreet tool to keep in your tote.

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Oil Absorbing Sheets.

4. Wash your makeup brushes
Bacteria or fungi can grow on products and utensils such as brushes, which can lead to infections.

Tip: Alternate using a gentle anti-bacterial body wash for your skin and use to clean your brushes!

Jason Natural Cosmetics Satin Shower Body Wash and Bubbling Bath, Tea Tree.

5. Save the blow drying/flat ironing for weekends
This doesn’t mean washing your hair, heading to class and looking like a drowned rat. Put hair in a loose bun or braid with a little product of choice: gel, mousse or hair serum, and voilà, once dry you get pretty waves with minimal effort.

Pantene Pro-V Texturize! Spray Wax.