Hilliard Design Gives Back

Shelley Hilliard launches s/s 2011 and partners with children's charities.

Shelley Hilliard’s bold, structured jewellery designs have been making a mark on the Vancouver scene since she launched three years ago.  This spring she partners with not one, but two children’s charities: The Canuck Autism Network (CAN) and Imagine1Day. Hilliard’s Mantra Collection features engraved quotes aptly bringing awareness to each cause.  The “Sticks and Stones” necklace is new for CAN and contains a personal message from Hilliard, “When I thought about how the effect of being given this [Autistic] label has become a struggle for many . . . I wanted to create something that said ‘Hey this doesn’t define you, it is a small part of who you are,’ so I came up with the saying ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but labels will never define me.'”  For Imagine1Day, Hilliard has appropriately selected her “Change” bangle with Mahatma Gandhi’s words “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”  Bottom line, Hilliard makes quality sterling and brass pieces with $20 from each purchase going towards their respective foundation.  (, and