Hillary Asked For Fashion Advice & This House of Cards Stylist Has Some

In her hilarious and candid chat with Zach Galifianakis, Hillary Clinton confirmed that—just like the rest of us—she has no clue what to wear sometimes

Hillary knows how important it is to make the (w)right outfit choice (Photo: Hillary Clinton, Greg E. Mathieson, Sr./REX/Shutterstock; Robin Wright, David Giesbrecht/Netflix; Design: Leo Tapel)

Hillary knows how important it is to make the (w)right outfit choice (Photo: Hillary Clinton, Greg E. Mathieson, Sr./REX/Shutterstock; Robin Wright, David Giesbrecht/Netflix; Design: Leo Tapel)

Hillary Clinton sat down with Zach Galifianakis on Between Two Ferns and delivered one of her most candid interviews yet.

“There’s this thing called the double standard,” she told Galifianakis, after he asked her if she’s thought about what she’s going to wear to the first presidential debate on September 26. She also confirmed that—just like the rest of us—she’s often at a loss when it comes to what she’s going to wear. But, she’s open to suggestions.


So FLARE reached out to Canadian creative Kemal Harris for some fashion tips to offer the presidential contender. And Harris is uniquely up to the task: in addition to working as a red carpet stylist, she’s been the costume designer responsible for the no-frills, just-chills wardrobe preferred by Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright on House of Cards, since the show’s third season. She came up with five hot tips for Hillary to up her pantsuit game.

Light colours are her best bet
“I do love all the colour that Hillary wears, but I’d suggest she go with a lighter colour pantsuit to reflect the positivity of her message and what her government is going to bring,” says Harris. “It would provide a nice contrast to Donald Trump and the red tie he usually wears.”

A blazer that says let’s get down to business
Harris also thinks a three-quarter length blazer could help Hillary project how she’s ready to roll up her sleeves and get to work.

American designers so she can wear her patriotism on her sleeve
Clinton should go with an American designer like Carolina Herrera, who has a knack for dressing First Ladies (Jackie O and Michelle O have both worn her), or maybe Michael Kors—the pantsuits on parade and shouts of ‘Go Hillary’ at his NYFW show seemed like an endorsement to us.

Speaking of pantsuits—they make more than just a fashion statement
Every time Clinton wears a pantsuit, she’s upholding a pretty badass tradition. Apparently women weren’t allowed to wear trousers on the U.S. Senate floor until the early ’90s. Harris was keenly aware of this fact while working on House of Cards. In fact, the rule was only amended after the Great Pantsuit Rebellion of 1993, led by senators Barbara Mikulski and Carol Moseley Braun (both democrats). Today, pants are fine as long as they’re accompanied by a jacket.

When in doubt, she’s got to dress for the job she wants
While Claire Underwood uses her wardrobe just as much as her brain to get ahead in the game, Harris praises Hillary for sticking to a uniform. “I love Hillary’s honesty. And I love that she’s not trying to look a certain way or pretend to be she’s something that she’s not,” she says.

Harris recently met Clinton backstage during a taping of the The Ellen DeGeneres Show and thought she dressed with strength and confidence. “Everything she wore looked so polished and flattering. She dressed so she wouldn’t have to worry about her outfit and could focus on other more pressing things. At the debate, I know she won’t try to be a beauty queen or look like some arm candy. That’s just not her. She’s going to look presidential, because she’s there to make her case for president.”

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