Hermes launches new Eco-Chic Collection Called “h”

The French brand recreates new treasures from discarded materials 

Leave it to Hermes, the brand synonymous with luxurious living, to give recycling a glamorous twist. The French fashion house is giving the eco-minded mantra reduce, reuse and recycle a fashionable makeover. It’s new workshop dubbed “little h”, founded on the underlying principles of reclaim, review and recreate, seeks to give new life to discarded materials and objects salvaged from Hermes workshops. The goal is to bring together materials, artists and artisans all in one workshop to produce new objects that are unique, rare and original.

The re-creation workshop taps the expertise of various artists to examine the precious discarded materials and discover how they can be transformed. Utilizing the expert hands of the houses craftsman everything is transformed and something new is created. The collection of objects includes everything from woven leather necklaces, and customized Kelly bags made from leftover pieces of leather to lamp shades made of silk scarves and even a leather statue of a fawn. The collection is only available by special order in Canada. To place an order please call the nearest Hermes boutique, for store information visit