Hermès Carré D’Artiste Collection

We’re loving the brand’s latest collection of silk scarves scarves

The highest-quality silks, poetic prints, heritage charm – Hermès continues to enchant with its second edition of ‘carré d’artiste’ scarves designed by renowned French artist Daniel Buren. The 365 ‘pièces uniques’ collection marries the beauty of Buren’s global travels with the elegance of Hermès’ silk wonders. The curated group of 22 digital prints, designed in a multitude of colourful boarders, encapsulates a lifetime of ‘photo-souvenirs’ taken by Buren since the early 1950’s. Individually glossed with images of vivid botanicals, ombré sunsets and picturesque cityscapes, the capsule collection of wearable art is enriched with warm history and visual delicacy. Whether draped, tied or simply admired, the collection of “Photos-souvenirs au carré by  Daniel Buren” is nothing less than magnifique.