11 Hot Summer Head Wraps for Women with Natural Hair

Calling all curly girls! Here’s how to go stylishly headstrong into the last days of summer

With summer’s steamiest days upon us, humidity is a force to be reckoned with for anyone with naturally curly hair. Mere degrees can separate a fabulously full ’do from Frizz City, Population: You. Putting your hair up is guaranteed to cool you down, and adding a head wrap to your #OOTD has several benefits. Numero uno is the sartorial boost, because a head wrap is downright head-turning. Just look at style goddess Tracee Ellis Ross for inspo: She has rocked various interpretations on more than one red carpet, including the Golden Globes earlier this year. Most recently, singer Ms. Lauryn Hill sported a head wrap in the fall 2018 Woolwich campaign that left us *all* bowing down.

Another perk is the protective nature of head wraps: Choosing a full coverage style creates a shield between your hair and the drying, damaging rays of the sun. Run a nourishing leave-in conditioner through strands before wrapping and your mane gets added TLC. I’ve found wrapping my own natural hair before heading into a hot yoga studio has made a major difference in terms of maintaining softness.

With August stretching out before us, there’s still plenty of time to hop on the head wrap bandwagon, like Canadian model Grace Mahary, and learn how to wrap your hair this summer. Here’s a super helpful tutorial from The Wrap to help you get started. Then, scroll down and shop our fave curly-hair accessory of the season. Happy wrapping, ladies!


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