H&M Online Shopping Is Finally in Canada!

At long last, the Swedish retailer launches e-commerce shopping in Canada—and those buzzy collabs are included

H&M Home holiday pillow, $13.40 (available November)

H&M Home holiday pillow, $13.40 (available November)

It’s here people. As if you weren’t already spending enough on daily Ubereats lunches, you now have a whole other way to too easily spend up that credit card. H&M’s online store boasts everything found in its bricks and mortar locations, including their home collection and that Kenzo collab that goes live November 3rd—so maybe you won’t have to wait in line overnight (though our bets are it will sell out faster than you can hit refresh). Plus, expect online exclusives year-round, we’re told, including H&M Beauty. To encourage ASAP clicking, the mammoth retailer is offering free shipping for a limited time.

How do you say ‘go’ in Swedish?

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