You Can Now Get a Custom Dress Based on Your Google Data

Google tracks you basically all the time, and they've teamed up with Ivyrevel to create the Data Dress, a bespoke frock based on all that creeper knowledge

google dressIn case you forgot, Google is pretty skilled at tracking your every move. If that freaks you out, here’s some consolation: all that data is about to help you create a custom wardrobe.

Swedish-based, H&M-owned retailer Ivyrevel partnered with Google to create the Data Dress, a dress that’s designed via a smartphone app that tracks the user’s lifestyle. Information like what city you’re in, where you go at night, and even your workout routine come together to produce something that’s uniquely yours.

All you have to do is download the Coded Couture x Ivyrevel app, select whether you’re looking for a party, gala or work dress, then take your phone everywhere with you (tough). The app will then spend a week getting to know you with the help of Google’s data technology. Your dress will slowly come together and evolve over the course of that week, and you can tweak the design along the way.

The founders of Ivyrevel created the Data Dress concept with a view to make custom clothing more accessible. They haven’t yet named their price for the app or each user’s final product, but Ivyrevel’s current ready-to-wear dresses start at $40 for a long-sleeve body-con, and max out at $200 for a grommet-covered LBD.

The app is in the beta stage right now, but Ivyrevel is promising a public launch later this year. Until then, we’ll be coming up with ways to trick the app into creating a dupe of that McQueen gown Emma Stone wore to the SAGs.

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