Plan Your Long Weekend Packing Now with these Glamping Essentials

Take a little city comfort into the wilderness with you this summer

Wanting to get on that camping or outdoor music festival beat but absolutely terrified of spending a night in the great outdoors? SAME.

For those of us who need a little easing into our experience in the woods, having a bag stocked with some resemblance of city life is absolutely necessary. Thankfully, our favourite outdoor equipment brands are constantly dreaming up ways to make your wooded stay more comfortable. We spoke to MEC camping expert, Andrew Sutherland, who gave us the 411 on glamping essentials you don’t want to forget to pack in your chic overnight bag.

Andrew says, “When I’m planning a camping trip with friends, we’ll make sure we have all the essentials—tent, sleeping bag, stove, etc., but then we’ll ask that everyone brings one or two non-essentials that will add to the fun.” He suggests a stainless steel growler for craft beer (or chic aluminum glass for wine), a multi-purpose water-resistant picnic blanket that doubles as a tarp.

Some other items that might come in handy for your high-maintenance self? A portable wood-fired pizza oven, a handpresso pump for your morning coffee fix, a manual blender for margaritas (duh!) and a lantern that has a USB port for charging your electronics.

Pair these tips with a little creativity, and you end up with a bug-free, rosé-filled weekend in the woods. Happy glamping!

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