FLARE Five: Tuesday, May 27 - Advice from #GIRLBOSS Sophie Amoruso

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Pop Culture

Stop whining, start working like there’s going to be a Hunger Games-type cull of the least productive employees in your office, and lose the sense of entitlement. That’s just a snippet of the career advice offered by NastyGal CEO and #GIRLBOSS author Sophie Amoruso in this stellar New York magazine profile.

Everyone is talking about white, but apparently paisley is becoming a bit of a thing.

Vogue offers up exercise and diet advice to help you pull off this spring’s ubiquitous crop top. Your best bet: stay in workable shape year round and then go hard (600 crunches a day!) for ten days whilst cutting dairy, carbs, alcohol and sugar from your diet. Sounds doable. But then again so does giving the crop top trend a pass…

Your daily chocolate requirement suddenly became a health necessity. Scientists are so chuffed by cocoa’s antioxidant benefits they’re considering offering it in pill form. (Do Rolos count?) This comes on the heels of a study that found drinking hot chocolate daily is good for your brain. Harper’s Bazaar has the sweet deets.


There are some sex articles that make you go ‘hmm’ and then there are those that make you go ‘ew’ and immediately forward the offending piece to your best pal. This take on how Fifty Shades changed her sex life, by Jenny Mollen—actor Jason Biggs’ wife—is the latter kind. Enjoy!