Did #GigiGetOutOfChina Work? Gigi Hadid Is No Longer Walking in the Victoria's Secret Show

The model just announced she's no longer walking in the Victoria's Secret fashion show amid much speculation that her Chinese visa was denied

Model Gigi Hadid in walking black lingerie at the 2016 Victoria's Secret fashion show

(Photo: Getty Images)

Gigi Hadid is no longer walking in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, y’all. The 22-year-old model was slated to walk in the show (set to be filmed in Shanghai any day now), but while many of her angel pals have started arriving in China, Hadid took to Twitter on November 16 to let fans know she wouldn’t be joining them. “I’m so bummed I won’t be able to make it to China this year,” she tweeted. “Love my VS family, and will be with all my girls in spirit!!”

Amid reports that the Chinese government hadn’t approved visas for several VS models, including Julia Belyakova, Kate Grigorieva and Irina Sharipova, who are from Russia, and Dasha Khlystun, who is from Ukraine, there is speculation that Hadid’s Chinese visa was denied. And there are rampant rumours that a past social media misstep is coming back to haunt her. In February of this year, Hadid got into serious hot water for a video her sister Bella posted to Instagram that was at best, a gross lapse in judgment and at worst, pretty friggin’ racist. The controversy had died down, but was resurrected when news broke that she would be walking in the Victoria’s Secret show in Shanghai; the hashtag #GigiGetOutOfChina soon gained serious traction on Twitter. You know what they say: every time a model makes a racist joke, an angel loses her wings.

In all seriousness, we don’t know why Hadid has bowed out and it’s entirely possible it has nothing to do with her past cultural insensitivity.(She was in the country as recently as October 2016 on a promotional tour with Tommy Hilfiger, but it doesn’t appear that she’s returned since.) It may be that her PR team just doesn’t want to deal with the dramz that might come with her arrival in China.

At press time, Hadid hasn’t offered a reason for her sudden absence, but watch this space.

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