Gift For Everyone: iPhone's Easy Custom Card Creator

Apple's new app creates personal cards that you can send through the mail

New iPhone App: Make Personalized Cards With Your Photos

Who: Your friend, your neighbour, your grandma

What: Apple Cards app, free,

Why: Apple has created a new app called “Cards” just in time for the holidays. The app, which works for iPhone and iPod Touch, allows you to input your own photographs and text into one of 21 pre-made card templates. By adding an address from your contacts list, a 100% cotton paper card will be printed and mailed anywhere in the world for $4.99 (although the app itself is free). That means that even when on vacation, you can design and send cards to your loved ones back home. An eCard may be just as quick and a little cheaper, but there’s something special about receiving a physical card in the mail – especially since it looks like it took a lot of time and effort. Extra thoughtful points for you!

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