Geographic Apparel Takes City Tees to Another Level

Shopping for travel gifts? This is one souvenir you may just want to keep for yourself.

Canadians aren’t really known for wearing their patriotism on their sleeve but Geographic Apparel wants to give that stance a shake up.  Offering up cool cat designer tees that give props to all things Canadian, designers Tameem Barakat and Jay Ng have created a premier capsule collection that sells for $39 a tee.  Right now, the line focuses more on the fair city of Vancouver and the West Coast vibe in general with one tee that pays homage to the city tee of all tees, the ever ubiquitous I heart NY.  Moose, totem poles, maple leafs all populate the tight collection, but with a fresh, clean take on these Canadian mainstays.  “The Tru”’s even got Pierre sporting a pair of cyan blue sunglasses . . . Oh Canada.