Garance Doré's Guide to Living That French Girl Life

Five pieces of advice from Parisian blogger, writer, illustrator and photographer Garance Doré


garance dore book

Love x Style x Life by Garance Doré (Penguin Random House, $25, available October 27)

Fêted for her perfected bedhead, innate sartorial sense and matchless poise, the French girl’s effortless approach towell, everythinghas left more than a few of us totally baffled in her wake. And if you searched “French girl style”, you might land on an image of Garance Doré, whose authorial debut Love, Style, Life (Penguin Random House) debuts October 27th. It’s a master class in how to deal with everything from sex to selfies the French way.

As tempting as it may be to dive head first into every runway trend imaginable, the Parisian approach to fashion allows for a fearless foray or two, all the while keeping the most figure-flattering silhouettes top of mind. Yes, facing particular body truths can be a hard knock, but knowledge is power. As Doré says, “The secret is to own your imperfections!”

Snap Shots
Ever wonder how it is that every Euro on Instagram has her selfie game on lock? While the genetic lottery is clearly a contributing factor, tip the photo odds in your favour by snapping in natural light, finding your angles and applying a light smoky eye to widen les yeux.

garance dore

Author Garance Doré (Photo: Erik Melvin, Garance Doré Studio)

Not even French girls wake up like that. Doré touts a cherry pout, subtle bronzer and a well-maintained mani as her ride or die essentials.

Generally, French women have no fear of carbs and legitimately count wine and café au lait among their BFFs, but they’re also way less likely to dine out, eat at a much more leisurely pace and employ a born and bred sense of portion control. French kids don’t snack between meals and are taught the pleasures of eating from an early age.

When it comes to matters of the heart, Doré puts it all out there. Her split from Sartorialist photographer Scott Schuman after seven years last year surprised us all, but there’s no ill will here. Her top nuggets of wisdom? Some lessons just need to be learned twice, timing is of the essence and averagein or out of the sackis completely unacceptable.

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