Ikea Releases DIY Instructions for Jon Snow's Cape, Because Winter Is Coming

Cop the wear of The Wall from your neighbourhood Ikea and protect yourself from the harsh elements of... your office AC, blasting well into November


(Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO)

Y’know those massive and seemingly warm/soft AF animal pelts donned by those at The Wall? The ones meant to protect the men charged with fighting for the rest of civilization against the terrifying and invincible White Walkers? Yeah, they’re from Ikea.

Turns out even the King of the North can’t resist a lil’ trip to the pinnacle of home furnishings (perhaps even snagging a quick snack at the resto? Probs). JK guys, we know Jon Snow himself wouldn’t make this kind of purchase.

While lecturing at the Los Angeles Getty Museum in May 2016, Michele Clapton, the costume designer for Game of Thrones, revealed that the iconic capes were simply Ikea rugs. “We cut and then we shaved them,” Clapton explained, “and then they were waxed and frosted so they belonged to the landscape.” Well we’ll be damned—even this iconic series (which contributes massively to HBO’s billion dollar revenue) likes to save a few bucks here ‘n there.

Considering Halloween is rearing its ugly head, this is great timing for a DIY costume, and Ikea did not disappoint with this quick how-to on becoming the King of the North we all know and love. While the actual day is more than two months away, it comes so freakin’ quickly! Plus, this costume is a surefire way to a) keep it easy and b) make wherever you hang as cosy as your own bed, so it’ll be like you never left.

Yep—this costume is the easiest GoT DIY possible. All you gotta do is buy a sheepskin rug, cut a hole out for your head, and then refrain from showering and shaving at least 8-12 days prior to your Halloween festivities. That way you’ll get a good idea of what you would look like if you were working at The Wall as winter (and dead people who want to murder you) approach. Fun!



Hot tip for making your costume AAAP (as authentic as possible, duh): get your dog to roll around in some mud and stuff, and then immediately ask him to roll on your rug/cape. That will give your look the bona fide mysterious, matted texture that Jon for some reason decided to tote to meet the stunning Daenerys and her dragons. Seriously—isn’t Dragonstone in Westeros, where it’s kinda warm? Jon could’ve packed some more weather-appropriate gear, or at least brushed out his fur, amiright?

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