What G-Dragon Enlisting Means For the Fashion World

What are VIPs going to do for the next two years?

When it comes to K-pop idols, there’s truly no one more stylish than G-Dragon.  The lead singer of Big Bang, one of the hottest (and highest-earning) boy groups of the past decade, is a fashion icon in South Korea, a trend pioneer one of the first to adopt gender-neutral styles.

But much to the dismay of his obsessed fans (also known as VIPs), this month his agency YG Entertainment confirmed GD will undergo the mandatory military conscription for all South Korean men between 18 and 35. According to their statement, he will officially report for active duty starting today, February 27. Cue the waterworks.

Though it’s only two years, we’re seriously going to miss seeing him flaunt his style game on the regular. So until he returns to the spotlight, we’ll be holding these memories close. Here are six of G-Dragon’s best fashion moments ever:

Every. Single. Chanel. Show.

G-Dragon is a front-row fixture at Chanel shows, where his stardom and unique style always cause a stir. The fact that we won’t be seeing him for the next handful of Paris Fashion Week seasons is heartbreaking—he truly rocks a tweed jacket better than any influencer.

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His eccentric music videos

Don’t know what’s worse: no new Big Bang music or the fact that we won’t have their videos as fashion inspo for the next two years. Seriously can’t stop thinking about G’s Fendi sweater from the “Sober” vid.

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His live shows

At Big Bang’s live performances, GD never fails to bring his fashion A-game. From rocking Saint Laurent jackets and Chanel sunglasses to Fendi fur coats, his stage is a runway.

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That includes reality/variety shows, too.

Even TV hosts have applauded (but also poked fun) at G’s avant garde style choices, including this high-collared (“neck brace”) Thom Browne suit.

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His infamous PeaceMinusOne bulldog clip

Back in 2016, the singer launched his own concept brand, PeaceMinusOne, that got a lot of buzz in the fashion world. GD is the spokesmodel for his brand (obvi) and his most famous accessory was the bulldog clip, which he clipped onto everything.

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And, naturally, people followed him.

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His Insta-worthy #OOTDs

TBH, we’ll miss double tapping his colourful OTT looks and artsy selfies on Instagram the most.

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