Survive New Year's Eve in style with this cool little kit

Monday, December 28th, 2009

You’re doing a dance-off to Lady Gaga, hanging with your dashing date, and rocking your most prized party dress until…you notice that big champagne stain on your LBD: not what Maestro Valentino envisioned as your best moment. No problem frock star, time to break out the Little Black Dis-Tress Kit. It contains all the necessary tools to handle any fashion emergency, from individually wrapped wipes to remove deodorant marks to double sided tape. The kit even contains stay up stockings and a pair of foot cushions to help you put your best Louboo forward. Crisis averted. Time to countdown to a very good time.

My Tagalongs Little Black Dis-Tress Kit, $25. At The Bay and specialty boutiques across Canada.