Guess What? You Can Afford Kendall & Gigi’s Fave Jewellery Brand

Frasier Sterling makes cool-girl accessories for the masses

If you stalk Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid on Instagram like it’s your day job, you know by now that they tend to wear a ton of cool-girl brands like Sally LaPointe, Balenciaga and Re/Done. But there’s something you may have missed: the gold and silver chokers and necklaces that they’ve been layering lately. The best part about them? You can actually afford to wear them, too.

Designer Frasier Sterling was inspired by her grandmother, Harriet Weisz, who created H Weisz designs, a line of accessible jewellery worn by ’80s stars like Whitney Houston and Paula Abdul. In 2011, Sterling brought the concept into the 21st century. “I wanted to make a brand that was all about access to the cutest trends,” says Sterling, whose designs start at around $50. “Whether they’re being rocked by stars or supermodels, we want you to have the same pieces they love.” And now you can.

Check out a few of our favourite pieces from the line below, and snag one or two for yourself before we buy them all up.

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