Come on Barbie, Let's Go Party...At Forever 21!

A cheeky new collection featuring the Mattel star hits stores September 5

Photo courtesy Forever21

Photo courtesy Forever21

Raise your hand if you loved Barbie as a kid. Raise your hand if as a kid you loved her and also loved manipulating her into ridiculous, borderline pornographic social situations.

If you fall into the latter category—and let’s be honest, we all do—there’s good news. Come September you’ll be able to renew your twisted love affair with Mattel’s dream girl when Forever 21 launches its new Barbie-themed collection.

A quick scan of the goodies suggests that unlike, say, your mother, the wallet-friendly fashion retailer sees Barbie’s edgier side as a good thing.

Prepare for street-style inspired graphic Ts, hoodies, swimwear and beauty accessories emblazoned with Barbie’s image and logo in black, white and a shade of pink we’re choosing to refer to as “Ken’s Corvette.”

The look that made us smile most? A sleeveless tank with Barbie’s face on it that reads “I woke up like this.”

It’s nice to see Barbie hasn’t lost her sense of humour, either.

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