Flare Was There: One of a Kind Show

Scouting Canada's rising handicraft fashion talents

With over 800 artisans from across the country, The One of A Kind show is a prime destination for unique fashion finds. Last weekend, we stopped by to survey the booths for eye-catching designs. Here are three standout designers that caught our attention.

BIKO – Crafted by Toronto’s own Corrine Anestopoulos, this 6 year-old jewellery label melds curiosity with a contemporary sensibility that speaks to the It-girls of today. Brass, crystal and pearl elements unify the range of drop earrings, long pendants and novelty cuffs – bringing together a vintage meets modern aesthetic.

Tank Studio – Designing duo Jill Cribbin and Amy Johnson are masters in the art of glass flamework. Their vibrant statement necklaces captured our attention showcasing the versatility of glass jewellery that ranged from editorial to everyday pieces.

Sculpture Wear – Andrea Pope’s streamlined Sculpture Wear label was filled with must-try pieces. Based in metal finishes like silver, gold and gunmetal black, the range of ear and neck pieces were modern, innovative and showcased a technique rarely found on the Canadian market.

Catch the One of a Kind show as it tours North America with stops in Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago and New York. —Ryan Cheung