FLARE Interns Love: Leopard Print

Must have pieces for Fall's feral edge

The claws are out! While Fall/Winter runways showcased a wide range of leopard print, its no surprise that fashion “it” girls like Alexa Chung and Mary Kate Olsen, among others, ooze a sort of, “I am woman, hear me roar!” kind of confidence these days. Myself and fellow FLARE fashion interns decided to run with this mantra when asked to provide our favourite feline-printed wears.

Melissa Tran and Daniela DiStefano were bag happy when picking their eye catching carriers. Tran, deciding on the PRADA Large Cavalino tote, “fell in love with the built and tailor,”  while DiStefano opted for the “ladylike feel” of Banana Republic’s Haircalf Mini Chain bag. Caitlin Agnew kept it smart with a Prada cat-eye lens to add that touch of sass and sophistication.

It was a wrap when Samantha Boudreau found the perfect scarf in Yves Saint Laurent’s charcoal leopard print. The multi functional, cashmere blend is a great wear for the “casual afternoon, or dressed up with pumps.” Liselle Fernandes keeps em’ guessing with a Malene Birger duality silk blend dress. “The conservative neckline are countered by a plunging back slit.” As for me? I went for luxe with Miu Miu’s sheepskin coat. What better way to cover up?