FLARE Five: Kate Bosworth, Tech Entrepreneur?

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Fashion Kate Bosworth is launching a style-stealing app which scours shopping sites for items or looks you’ve photographed. Style Thief isn’t the first such app of its kind, but as WWD points out, it’s the only one attached to a style-setting starlet.

Pop culture A conversation about women’s reproductive rights in America is guaranteed to get heated faster than you can spell I-U-D. The new U.S. website Lady Parts Justice aims to make the controversial debate humorous and informative. It also aspires to kick “politicians out of vaginas.” The site has some pretty impressive supporters, including co-founder Lizz Winstead, former head writer of The Daily Show, and Sarah Silverman (who appears in this promo video with an actor dressed as Jesus).

Beauty Lily Allen’s light and feminine take on the rainbow-coloured hair trend is ethereal and feminine and has us reconsidering pastels for hair. Vogue rhapsodizes on the look in all its “faded glory.”

Sex Men who watch excessive amounts of porn may be getting high on the content in much the same way that drug addicts get high from drugs, suggests a study by scientists at Cambridge University. The researchers observed the brain waves of male sex addicts as they viewed porn and found that it stimulated three areas of the brain that also get zapped under the influence of drugs.

Health Don’t get lax about cleaning your contact lenses, stop sleeping in them, and do not, under any circumstances, wear them swimming or beyond their best-before date. That’s the message doctors are trying to impress upon contact lens-wearers after a Taiwanese student didn’t change hers for six months and even went swimming in them. The result is pretty horrific: an amoeba attacked (um, ate) her corneas, causing permanent blindness.