FLARE Five: What Cara Wants

The bushy-browed Brit is searching for real girls to appear alongside her in an upcoming campaign

Fashion Always wanted to stand next to a supermodel? (Our first question: why??) Here’s your chance—Cara Delevingne is set to launch her own special collection with DKNY and is looking for models to join her in “a special shoot” for the campaign on Instagram. “To enter, just post a pic of yourself looking fresh to your Instagram and tag #CaraD4DKNY and #CaraWantsYou between now and 16 June,” she writes.

Beauty If you’re currently sporting a lob, it’s high time to mix it up, declares Vogue writer—and rehabbed long-bobber—Mackenzie Wagoner.

Pop Culture Add Tiny Beautiful Things to your must-read-this-summer list. Cheryl Strayed, author of the best-selling memoir Wild, penned the collection of advice columns under the pseudonym “Dear Sugar” for the literary website The Rumpus—and it’s become something of a cult phenom among women.

Health Forget the juice cleanse. If you really want to purge your body of internal junk, take a three-day vacation from eating, suggests a new study by researchers in California. Fasting appears to have a beneficial effect on the immune system, essentially rebuilding it all shiny and new, by activating white blood cell production—the cells that fight off infection.

Sex In infuriating and highly debatable health news: The Daily Mail reports that a handful of studies indicate that the time each month in which a woman ovulates (that’s 14 days after your period) is the precise moment in which she catapults herself into a frenzy of fertility-related hysterics and mad consumerism.

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