FLARE Five: Welcome to the Era of the Professional Selfie

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Protest in New York

Pop Culture Everyone wants to be an A-lister now—or at least look like one. The New York Times suggests that the next wave in social media-induced narcissism will see people emptying out their savings accounts to hire professional photogs to take their Facebook and Twitter profile pics. Welcome to the return of the glamour shot.

Health Get a better night’s sleep by getting a grip on your stress. That’s the underlying message of a recent sleep study that found people who completely ignore their issues are at increased risk for sleep disorders—even more so than those who attempt to drown their life woes in alcohol, drugs and bad TV.

Sex Forget the doctor, here’s a better reason to eat an apple a day: the antioxidant-rich fruit is associated with a good sex life, according to a study by Italian researchers, and may in fact stimulate blood flow to all of the necessary parts…

Beauty Fair-skinned ladies who broil in the sun can take comfort—perhaps even inspiration—from this selection of pale celebs curated by Harper’s Bazaar. The bronzer-free babes include Kirsten Dunst, Cate Blanchett and an angelic-looking Elle Fanning.

Fashion J.Crew, how low can you go? News just broke that the Crew, one of our favourite retailers, is now offering jeans in size 000. (That is not a typo.) A rep for the label tells the Today Show that the size is the result of demand from Asian markets that tend to skew small.