FLARE Five: The #hairylegs Movement

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Peter Keegan/Getty Images

Peter Keegan/Getty Images

Beauty There’s an online movement afoot (or should we say, a-leg) to get you to stop shaving your legs. Women the world round are pitching their razors and posting pics of their leg manes (#hairylegs) in a personal strike against oppression. Not every woman feels that shaving her legs is a concession to a misogynistic patriarchy, however, and those women have a champion in Alice Audley of the Telegraph. Audley sees individual freedom in the choice to do whatever the heck she wants with her razor and calls b.s. on those who say otherwise.

Fashion Karl Lagerfeld is being given the ultimate cultural honour: he’s being immortalized as a Barbie doll. According to WWD, Mattel is in the process of designing a Lagerfeld Barbie—that’s a Barbie that looks exactly like Lagerfeld, rather than a Chanel-clad doll—for its upcoming collector series. No word on whether or not Lagerfeld’s Barbie will come complete with its own Choupette, but here’s hoping. The Telegraph has a sketch of the doll here.

Next time your partner complains that it’s too cold in the house, tell him that a nice chill is good for his metabolism. Research suggests that a cool bedroom increases the stores of healthy brown fat and may even see us burn more calories throughout the day.

Sex Contrary to cultural ideas about young males and their insatiable lust, a new study by researchers from Columbia’s School of Public Health indicates that most adolescent guys crave an intimate relationship with one person. The next question researchers may want to tackle is why the culture ignores this reality and continually shores up destructive images of masculinity.

Beauty The secret to Taylor Swift’s perfect post-workout look? The uber-polished singer works out at ModelFIT, supermodel trainer Justin Gelband’s Bowery gym, where the likes of Swift, Karlie Kloss and Kate Upton partake in his sweat-free approach to training.