FLARE Five: Return of the Scrunchie

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Photo via Shopbop

Photo via Shopbop

Fashion The scrunchie is a “sign of power,” according to Scrunchies of Instagram creator  Katalina Sharkey de Solis. She’s not alone in her opinion. Your favourite grade-school hair accessory is well and truly back, appearing on runways for Chanel and Rag & Bone, and being sold at staggeringly inflated prices (um, it’s just a scrunchie, right?) on Net-a-Porter.

Sex Men with big penises are kind of like roller coasters at theme parks—they look like fun from the ground, but once you’re strapped in the ride is… bumpy, to say the least.  So says this recent post on Salon that breaks down all the reasons why bigger isn’t better—or even bearable.

Pop Culture Step aside millenials, generation Z is leaner, keener and ready to take on the world. Maclean’s writer Anne Kingston offers a paean to youth born after 1995, a staggering cohort that numbers nearly two billion and that she describes as “educated, industrious, collaborative and eager to build a better planet.”

Beauty Shampoo like your life depends on it. Don’t use product until day three, and blow-dry your hairline after a workout. These are just three key techniques for making a $40 blowout last for a full seven days. And if this foolproof plan doesn’t work as prescribed, save yourself from a bad hair day with one of these eight sexy braids.

Health Did you know that your feet grow as you age? That could explain why the size you’ve worn for years doesn’t fit as well as it once did. If you haven’t had your feet measured since high school, do your feet a solid and do so. At the very least, it’s a great excuse to buy new shoes.