FLARE Five: Kate's Secret to Great Skin

The Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly going raw one day a week


Beauty The Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly going raw one day a week—not to stay trim, but instead to achieve “radiant skin.” If you’re thinking of undertaking a similar experiment, be sure to eat plenty of raw kale, walnuts, citrus, fish, berries and almond milk, says ELLE.

Pop Culture The fact that Juicy Couture—the brand responsible for the velour tracksuit trend/blight of the early aughts—is shuttering all of its U.S. stores is inducing mild trend nostalgia. The Cut bid Juicy a conflicted adieu, but it might just be farewell for now: the line is apparently amping up for a comeback in 2015.

Fashion Google Glass has partnered with Diane Von Furstenberg in what must be an attempt to make the tech innovation glam rather than, say, geeky. The quintessential NYC designer’s versions of Glass are now available on Net-a-Porter for $1,800. Are you sold?

Health You are feeling sleepy. Very sleepy. No, seriously—hypnosis may be just what the doctor ordered for the more than 40 per cent of adults suffering from sleep disorders. Swiss researchers found that it’s an effective method for both inducing a restful state and improving sleep quality. (Participants were “hypnotized” by listening to a soothing audio track.) The only catch: you have to be susceptible to hypnosis, a fact you won’t know until you try.

Sex People are not having as much sex as you think. In fact, they’re not having much at all. The average penis size is, well, really average, and you think you have a G-spot but science isn’t convinced. These are just a few of the insights offered up in the new book Don’t Put That In There: 69 Sex Myths Debunked.