FLARE Five: How Caitlin Moran Learned About Sex

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Advertising Week Europe - Day 1

Sex Caitlin Moran’s essay on how she learned about sex—not from her parents or health class but by greedily seeking out the filthiest, silliest information the culture affords a clueless teenage girl—will resonate deeply with a generation of women that grew up practicing “being sexy” in the mirror and thinking The First Time would be a cinematic John Hughes-worthy production. It also made us want to read her new novel, How to Build a Girl.

Fashion Apple appears to be throwing its hat into the luxury timepiece arena in a big way. The iconic brand has reportedly been luring several top employees from luxe fashion labels in the lead-up to its fall launch of the iWatch. Its latest coup: hiring Tag Heuer exec Patrick Pruniaux.

Beauty Vea Vitamin E spray has just been added to our wish list after reading about its miraculous ability to hydrate, burnish and give skin a “glossy, superhuman sheen.” The only problem: it’s only found in European pharmacies. Another reason to plan a summer jaunt across the pond.

Health If your urine smells like the vitamin aisle of a health food store, it’s possible you’re not retaining much of those pricey supplements you’re knocking back. Ensure you actually absorb vitamins by splitting the dosage and choosing more readily absorbed options, says “nutrition guru” Brooke Alpert—of Nature’s Origins supplements—at Well + Good.

Pop Culture The books that bring us to tears (ahem, The Fault in Our Stars) aren’t just sentimental sobfests. They say a great deal about who we are and what we value, says Pelagia Horgan of The New Yorker in an essay on the topic.