FLARE Five: Friday, May 30

A daily round-up of the news, views and trends we’re talking about today

Pop Culture Celebrity “yoga-bitionists” are polluting the ancient spiritual practice with their very un-yoga yoga selfies, reports The New York Post. It seems some yogis are bummed by the popularity of yelfies among boldface practitioners like Hilaria Baldiwn (Alec’s wife), Gisele, Miranda Kerr and Lea Michele.

Fashion The new style staple is the jumpsuit, says The Guardian’s Lauren Cochrane. The rise of the chic grown-up onesie is thanks in no small part to its recent appearance on red carpets. Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart and Sophie Marceau all donned some version of it earlier this month at Cannes.

Beauty Moisturizer is an anachronism. Everyone is talking about oils; Christy Turlington, for one, swears by Rodin. Vogue talks up its favourite oils for summer. (Yes, summer.)

Health Work out during your lunch hour and you’ll not only save yourself an hour’s sleep in the morning, but you’ll also enjoy a “brain boost” that’ll improve concentration, cognitive ability and work performance. (Use that jump in mental power to persuade your boss that leaving your desk for lunch is a good idea.)

Sex Cuddling after sex may feel like a part-time job when you just want to roll over and catch some shut-eye, but it’s a worthwhile pursuit that contributes to greater relationship satisfaction, says a new study. Even better, it also reportedly increases sexual satisfaction.