FLARE Five: Could Your Sunglasses Cause Sun Damage?

Imogen Poots for FLARE, March 2014

Imogen Poots for FLARE, March 2014

Beauty Cruel but true: your sunglasses may be giving you crow’s feet! Allure offers a quick primer on what kind of shades keep you best protected from both rays and wrinkles. (Hint: ditch the mirrored aviators.)

Pop Culture Forget yoga. Many celebs appear to be finding spiritual relief in the purchasing of crystals (gemstones, not the Breaking Bad variety).  Robin Thicke is the latest celeb to be seen endorsing the trend. Earlier this week, TMZ spotted him marching out of West Hollywood’s Crystalarium carrying a two-foot-tall amethyst. TMZ says the “Blurred Lines” singer spent a couple of thousand dollars on the allegedly healing dust-collector.

Fashion Your mother, despite your endless mockery, has actually been on the cutting-edge of sensible footwear for decades. The sturdy mom-approved Teva sandal has inspired no less than Marc Jacobs and Prada for spring. Now Opening Ceremony has partnered with the lifestyle brand to design its own High Street upgrade, available now.

Health The good news: white bread may actually have health benefits. In fact, a Spanish study suggests that the much-maligned lunchtime delight may boost healthy bacteria in the gut, which helps ward off infection and illness. Before you cue the dancing baguettes, however, there’s some less good news: another study found a link between people who ate two slices of white bread a day and obesity. File this one under ‘You just can’t win.’

Sex We’d like to thank Vogue for drawing our attention to the Instagram feed Porn for Women, which consists entirely of Tiger Beat-worthy shots of handsome, talented, stylish men. It reminds us of being a teenager and pasting pics of River Phoenix into our diaries, except now that we’re older the fantasies are sooo much better.

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