FLARE Five: A New Scandal-icious Clothing Line

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Craig Sjodin / Contributor/Getty Images

Craig Sjodin / Contributor/Getty Images

Fashion Unleash your inner Olivia Pope this fall with new Scandal-inspired pieces from U.S. retailer The Limited, on sale September 22. The line, which will reportedly lean heavily on Pope’s penchant for tailored suits and jackets, represents a creative collaboration between Scandal star (and former FLARE cover babe) Kerry Washington and the show’s costume designer, Lyn Paolo. Pieces start at $49, and yes, The Limited ships to Canada.

Beauty Shattered lines isn’t the name of a track on Robin Thicke’s new album (though we kind of think it should be); it’s one of nine inspiring takes on black eyeliner that enlivened runways this year, according to Allure. See the other eight, with directions on how to get each look, here.

Health Keep your TV-binge watching to no more than two hours at a stretch, recommends a study out of Spain which found a connection between watching more than three hours of TV a day and an increased risk of premature death. Scary, especially considering researchers aren’t entirely sure why. Instead of that third straight episode of Orange in the New Black, may we suggest an OITNB-inspired read instead?

Sex Happiness isn’t really all that contagious, especially when it comes to social media. It appears that your luvved-up status updates annoy your friends and actually makes them like you less, according to recent research.

#longread We can’t stop thinking about this Rolling Stone piece on a Vine romance gone horribly wrong.