The FLARE Five: Was Your Workout Reeeeeally That Hard?

Summer slim down

Health Tough workout? Maybe not. A study by York University researchers suggests most adults don’t really understand what constitutes moderate or vigorous intensity, which may mean they aren’t getting the benefits that come with pushing your heart rate. If you’re in doubt, maybe it’s time to get a heart-rate monitor.

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Beauty As if you needed an excuse to try a new beauty product, here’s a new one: Into the Gloss confirms that your hair does in fact get bored by the same shampoo and conditioner and responds well to seasonal shakeups.

Pop culture Finally, there’s an answer for our tricky judgment at night. Ethics researchers have discovered that before 12 p.m., most of us operate like living saints, making sound moral decisions. But once the clock strikes noon we transform into lying, cheating, stealing skunks. The reason: morality is a form of willpower, which weakens over the course of the day. Use this state of affairs to your advantage; time your decisions for when your good angel is most alert. Get more tips at Fast Company.

Sex Participating in casual sex boosts self-esteem and is even life-affirming, some new research on sociosexuality suggests. There’s only one catch: in order to enjoy these benefits, you have to be cool with casual sex in the first place and view not getting a phone call the next day in a positive light. In conclusion, when it comes to sex, to thine own self be true and you won’t wind up Facebook stalking a one-night stand at midnight on a Sunday.

Fashion Summer comes with many sartorial quandaries, not least among them: how to wear shorts in the office without being mistaken for a clueless teenage intern. Vogue weighs in.

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