First Look: Tommy Ton for Club Monaco Bag Collection

The famed street style photographer debuts new line of unisex bags


Photo Courtesy of Club Monaco


Photo Courtesy of Club Monaco

A FLARE contributor and top street-style photographer, Tommy Ton has added designer to his list of accomplishments. The shutterbug makes his first foray into design with a line of bags for Club Monaco (priced from $195–$225, in stores March 20).

What inspired the design of this line?  
“I really wanted to design very functional but durable bags that I could use in my everyday life and also during fashion month.  It’s a very selfish way to approach a project but knowing that I could share what I desire in a bag and create something I felt was missing in the market was very exciting.  The design of both bags was intended for both sexes — I love the simple utilitarian design of them and they’re easy to wear and use.”

Do you see these bags as unisex?
“Absolutely.  The response has been great from my friends.  I’ve discretely worn the bags without telling anyone they are the Club Monaco designs and they all immediately gravitated to them both — especially my female friends with the backpack.  I definitely see them as unisex.”
What are the essential elements of a great handbag?
“Functionality, simplicity, durability and great design”

What style type do you see your line appealing most to?
“I like to be surprised so I hope the backpack will appeal to different types of people.  I see a more rugged kind of guy, however; the bag can certainly be dressed up.  I see a more tomboyish girl being drawn to both bags, but I could be wrong!”

Who would you most love to catch carrying one of your bags?
“In an ideal world, I’d love to see Charlotte Gainsbourg carrying the messenger satchel.  But then I would just love to see someone with a really unique sense of style carrying them and that would make me happy!”

Why was Club Monaco the best collaborator for this project?  
“I’ve been a huge fan and customer of Club Monaco since I was little.  They’ve built this foundation of clean, easy to wear basics and I just felt they were the best to collaborate with and would understand the aesthetic of the bags. Plus, Club Monaco has a great designer – Aaron Levine – who really helped refine the bag and the fabrications.”