Finding the perfect venue for your party

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Spring Fling
Finding the perfect venue for your party

Spring arrives and people begin to come out of their winter hiding places like the computer and the basement. I imagine that by June even the most die hard BlackBerry addicts will eventually start to look around and enjoy the scenery, and perhaps we will all begin to realize that we have formed many anti-social habits that clearly need an intervention. I had thought that I would kill a couple of birds with one stone and try to introduce the idea of having a spring cleaning party – but I think that is stretching the limits of friendship and even the most seasoned event planner may have difficulty getting guests to attend. Really any excuse for a party is good enough at this time of year.

I am frequently asked for ideas on party locations because Miss Martini can set up a bar pretty much anywhere you can imagine… and I have; I have become somewhat of an expert on the subject. There are a few variables that have to be taken in to consideration of course: you have to know roughly how many guests you are expecting; you have to know what your budget will be; and most importantly, you have to know that as a host, your guests are your responsibility. But let’s not get all paranoid about this concept, because by taking a few simple steps right from the beginning you can make your party a success and reconnect with some of the people that you haven’t actually spoken to in a while.

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Spring Fling
By Miss Martini

I have found that good options for party locations can often come through acquaintances if they are not already right under your nose. Private member clubs are usually very flexible about lending the use of space to one of their members for an evening, they usually have all kinds of party rooms and they are not as strict as they have been in the past, and besides it is still a business. You can also investigate party rooms of condominium buildings again it is usually necessary for a resident of the building to secure the space, but they usually only require a small damage deposit and that the room is left in the condition that you found it. If you live near a body of water you can rent a boat which really works as a great little escape from the day to day. Your house or backyard also makes a great venu, you just have to be willing to do some re-arranging and decorating: there are also some amazing tent companies that will come in a transform your backyard into a party space. Don’t be afraid to roll up carpets, send pets to a friends place and rent some chairs so that people have a place to sit.

If you hire a service like Miss Martini or a caterer to take care of drinks, you can relax a little more because this way there are professionals present who can let one of your guests know discreetly that they have had enough to drink, and take measures to sober them up and keep them happy by making them a “mock-tail” (a mixed drink without alcohol, believe me, they won’t even know the difference). As a host it is your responsibility to take care of your guests, stay sober, but have a lot of fun so that come Monday morning your inbox will be full of compliments.

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Spring Fling
By Miss Martini

A taste of berry for spring!


  • 1.5 oz of black currant vodka (substitute any berry flavoured vodka)
  • 2 oz of peach juice
  • 2 oz of cranberry

Shake ingredients vigorously in a martini shaker filled with ice and strain into a martini glass and to with a splash of Champagne or sparkling wine. Garnish with a fresh blackberry

These can be served shaken on ice or straight up in a one ounce shot glass.

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