Marc Jacobs Reveals All To Fashion Insider Fern Mallis

Jacobs dishes on relationships, secret hobbies and more to fashion heavyweight Fern Mallis

Photo Courtesy of Fern Mallis

Marc Jacobs is always one to tell it like it is but rarely reveals all. Recently, Fern Mallis, best known for establishing New York Fashion Week, interviewed Jacobs at 92nd Street Y for latest installment of talks featuring fashion icons. From hot flings to fashion gossip, the twosome got candid while surrounded by an intimate group of fashion die-hards. Jacobs even dished about one of his closet fashion friends Victoria Beckham. “She was on the cover of an English newspaper with a counterfeit [graffiti LV] bag,” he said. “That’s how I met her. I sent her a real one.”

Beckham’s embarrassment wasn’t the only juicy info the famous designer shared. Just because he has 33 tattoos on his body doesn’t mean he can’t needle point, a craft his grandmother taught him when he was a teenager. Apart from countless fashion pieces and fragrances, he literally has no idea how many fragrances he has, perhaps needlepoint cushions will be his next big release. Maybe they’ll appear at his next costume party, where he dressed up as a camel toe last year. Jacobs also chatted about his workout regime and his after-shower-selfie shot he snapped in a mirror for his boyfriend prior to arriving to the interview.

Be sure to spot Fern Mallis hawking her jewellery line Fern Finds on the The Shopping Channel on January 18 at: 8AM, 11AM, 2 PM, 5PM and 8PM ET.