Fenty May Produce Everything From Skincare to Wine and We Want. It. All.

She might as well just take all our money right now...

It seems like Rihanna read our collective wild, wild thoughts and is preparing to deliver all the Fenty products we never knew we needed.

The singer-turned-beauty mogul just launched her Fenty Beauty line—with a groundbreaking 40 shades of foundation—at the beginning of September and has shown absolutely no signs of slowing down. The sold-out shelves had just barely been restocked, and YouTubers were still in the midsts of teaching us how to get “glowed up” with Fenty’s golden highlighter, when RiRi teased yet another collection of must-haves: Fenty’s Galaxy holiday collection, which drops Oct. 13.

Sneak peek for the holidays. OCT. 13 @sephora @fentybeauty #sephoralovesfentybeauty

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And that’s not all. According to a trademark application filed on Sept. 15, Robyn Rihanna Fenty, better known as Rihanna, has been hard at work, work, work, work, work expanding her empire. The filing details an expansive list of products that could potentially be produced under the Fenty label and we are so here for it.

So, fans of Fenty, get your wallets ready because here’s what potential products you have to look forward to.

All sorts of skincare

Rihanna singing "Shine Bright Like a Diamond," specifically the line "We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky"

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Rihanna has never been shy about being seen without makeup because, let’s be real, this boss glows even without her Fenty Beauty Killawat highlighter. Looks like she may be getting ready to give fans a piece of her beauty secret with a line of skincare products that could include “creams, lotions, gels, toners, cleansers and peels.” 

Nail polish, artificial nails and temporary tattoos

Rihanna in grayscale showing off her nails

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Whether it’s on a red carpet or sipping champers on a yacht in Barbados, Rihanna’s nail game is always on point. Fenty’s trademark filing included all things nailcare from hand lotions to “nail care preparations, artificial nails, nail polish, nail polish removers, nail treatment creams…[and] temporary tattoos for use as cosmetics.” Fans also pointed out that the Fenty website has a hidden clue that hints at the upcoming line of nail polishes, citing “Fenty Beauty Enamored Nail Lacquers” in its FAQ section.

A fragrance line

Rihanna emerging from a bunch of pink feathered fans in a music video

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That FAQ section of the Fenty Beauty website also mentions “Fenty Beauty Decadence fragrance.” Rihanna has already put out a number of perfumes under her name, but this would be the first under her Fenty brand. So what will “Fenty Beauty Decadence” smell like? A combination of Barbados sunshine mixed with a hint of Drake’s tears, perhaps? Guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.

Purses, luggage and umbrella-ella-ella-ehs

Rihanna in the "Umbrella" video wearing a black bodysuit and black tights and holding a black umbrella and opening it to the side

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With all the new potential products on the horizon, Rihanna clearly figured she should give fans a place to store all their new gear. The trademark filing lists “cosmetic cases and bags sold empty, luggage, purses, totes and umbrellas” as part of the potential future Fenty line.

Clothing and sleepwear

Rihanna wearing a sparkly dress and sparkly scarf around her head with a fur stole and talking about how fabulous her outfit is

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Rihanna slays. Period. If her repeated ability to basically shut down the Met Gala red carpet wasn’t proof enough, consider her Puma collab—which helped boost the brand’s sales by 10 percent—and her 2014 CFDA Fashion Icon Award. RiRi has consistently lived up to that title, so it only makes sense that she would create a Fenty fashion line. According to the trademark filing, if Fenty does launch a clothing collection, it could include “bandanas, belts, bottoms (clothing), caps, coats, dresses, gloves, hats, headbands, hosiery, jackets, lingerie, pants, scarves, shoes, shirts, shorts, sleepwear, slippers, sweaters, sweatshirts, swimwear, tops (clothing), undergarments, vests, wraps.”

And *BONUS* wine and spirits

Rihanna with red hair and wearing a cardigan cheersing wine glasses with Drake

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As if clothing, skincare and chic luggage wasn’t enough, RiRi basically read our damn dreams and is potentially coming out with a line of wine and distilled spirits. (Note: Drake not included)

People have just barely recovered from the bombshell that was Fenty Beauty, but the news of the long list of potential new products has fans straight-up shook.

We’re not sure if and or when any of these products will actually become available, but it’s clear that RiRi is just getting started.

Rihanna putting on a golden crown wearing all black leather and black lipstick

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