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[FAT] Arts & Fashion Week Celebrates 10 Years in Toronto

Fashion Art Toronto, the original indie fashion week, has grown into an international success. For its 10th anniversary, the event returns to its roots to honour Canadian fashion, art, technology and influence

Vanja Vasic, a fashion design student at Ryerson University, had a dream: to launch a new platform celebrating fashion and art, highlighting local designers, artists, filmmakers, photographers and more. The first Fashion Art Toronto [FAT] Arts & Fashion Week was held in 2005, staffed by volunteers and students who wanted to bring an alternative addition to Toronto’s traditional fashion week scene. Ten years later, [FAT] has grown into an international event featuring 200 fashion designers and artists in over 50 runways shows, art installations, fashion films, photo exhibits and live performances each year. Doors open today, with art, photography and music beginning at 5:30pm at the newly revitalized culture centre, Daniels Spectrum. Tickets are available at the venue starting at $45 for a day pass.

FAT Arts and fashion week

(Photo: Jonathan Hooper)

According to, this year’s theme, #MadeInCanada, will examine “what defines Canadian culture today…pay[ing] homage to Canadian art, design, technology, history, imagery, landscapes and the country’s social fabric. The theme plays on perceptions, stereotypes and iconic imagery relating to Canada.” The theme is broken out into five sub-themes over five nights:

Great Wild explores influences from Canadian nature; landscapes, animals and the environment, while embodying the romantic spirit of the wild and presenting fashion & art that is out of control, uninhibited, raw, organic, adventurous and animalistic.

Cold North looks at how the Canadian climate and geography define culture and creative codes. The theme will survey fashion & art that is minimal, desolate, dark, detached, isolated and reserved to reflect on the northern climate.

Group of Seven: As an iconic artist group that initiated the first major Canadian art movement, this theme will serve as a springboard for a new breed of talent who find inspiration in art and history. The theme pays homage to the past and explores new currencies in fashion, art and culture. Designers & artists are influenced by colour, texture, form and past and present trends.

Northern Lights will reflect on the natural electrical phenomenon characterized by the appearance of colored light in the sky of the Northern Hemisphere. The theme will present fashion design and artistic expression that is inspired by fantasy, light, imagination, future, science, technology and experimentation.

Global Village: As one of the most multicultural and metropolitan places in the world, Canada embodies a cultural mosaic where diversity coexists. The theme will showcase artistic work that is influenced by the distinctions and or correlations to ethnic, cosmopolitan, urban, rural, local and global cultural groups.

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