Fashionable Fundraiser: Montreal’s Heels & Heart

Photo: Rohan Nabi, Mediavision Photography

Photo: Rohan Nabi, Mediavision Photography

Photo: Rohan Nabi, Mediavision Photography

This weekend the Heels & Heart Fashion Wonderland fundraiser took place at Old Montreal’s Darling Foundry to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada

After kicking things off with a candy-loaded cocktail, the crowd turned its attention to the catwalk for a presentation of wearable art inspired by Alice in Wonderland and created by a talented lineup of local up-and-coming designers. 

As part of the judging panel, which included Montreal designers Marie Saint Pierre and Dimitri Chris, as well as Joshua Fagan and David Archer of JoshuaDavid boutique, I had the honour of helping to select Samantha Cutler’s modern-day Alice as the winning look of the night. 

“It was all about imagining Alice in present-day New York City,” says Cutler, who used chicken wire and garbage bags to create the high-drama volume on her winning design. 

Alexis Johnson Benamou and Mahrzad Lari took second and third place for their Caterpillar- and White Queen–themed creations, respectively. Certainly, all of the designers deserve a congratulations for their hard and imaginative work, along with Kristina McGill and Alanna Ramgoolam for organizing the wonderland of creativity for a wonderful cause.