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Advertorial: 7 Laundry Tips to Care for Your Clothes


There’s nothing worse than watching your favourite piece of clothing slowly become a shadow of its former self. It fades, it pills, it stretches—sometimes it falls victim to all three. For a woman, the mourning period following the death of her most revered little black dress can last for years.

But alas, there is hope. Hang on to your clothes, and your hard-earned cash, a little longer with these convenient care tips.

1. Hang up your clothes. If they’re not making a trip to the laundry room, your clothes have no business thrown over a chair or on the floor. Save them from another pass under the iron and hang them up as soon as you’re done with them.

2. Use good quality hangers. Wire hangers can damage delicate fabrics. Invest in wood hangers or fabric-covered ones to prolong the shape of your garments.

3. Fold your knits. Knitted fabrics can stretch when hung. Fold your garments along the seams to prevent wear and store properly to help them retain their shape.

4. Tackle stains immediately. Never wash an article of clothing that has succumbed to a stain. This will cause it to set it and make it nearly impossible to remove. Also refrain from rubbing at it. Instead, pre-treat with a quality stain remover. Some stains are easier to remove than your think. For instance, blood is easily removed by soaking in cold water while grease and/or oil based stains don’t stand a chance against a good soak in very hot water. The last thing you need is a constant reminder of the salad you had for lunch.

5. Follow the label. Different fabrics require different care. Always follow the care directions outlined on the label of your garments. This will ensure you don’t accidentally shrink your best cashmere sweater. Not sure how to interpret your clothing label? Use this handy guide to common laundry symbols above.

6. Be gentle with your delicates. Get to know the cycles on your washing machine and use them. Delicate fabrics, including undergarments should be washed on “gentle” cycle in a mesh bag. If in doubt, wash by hand using a mild detergent.

7. Choose the right detergent. Look for a detergent that will give you a deep clean without causing fabrics to fade and wear. New TIDE Pods are specially designed with 3 chambers: one to clean, one to fight stains and one to brighten. So you can trust them to care for your most important garments. And even better, the handy little pods are so easy to use—just pop them in for stand out results.