5 Overly Confident Fashion Predictions For 2017

It's a new year, and that means a whole new batch of trends ready to take over our feeds. Here are the five we're betting our over-the-knee boots on

fashion trends 2017

Prediction #1: Crocs will make a comeback
Last year, how many times did your dad ask you why the hem of your jeans was torn to shreds? This spring, he’ll want to know why you’re wearing what you once identified as the ugliest shoe ever.

Prediction #2: Oversized dress shirts will become the new hoodies
Borrowed-from-the-boys, oversized button downs are the new giant hoodie, and like their sweatshirt predecessors, they’ll likely be worn sans pants.

Prediction #3: Everybody in head-to-to neon (for real)
Eighties nostalgia isn’t going anywhere, and for 2017 that means tip-to-toe highlighter brights. Pink is probably the most accessible shade, but embracing this trend fully will require neon yellow.

Prediction #4: Statement earrings will become a thing
Out: chunky, bejeweled necklaces. In: weighing down your lobes with a pair of shoulder-dusters.

Prediction #5: Teeny-tiny bags will become the new It-bags
Because what else do you really need besides your phone? Hopefully someone invents an app that will unlock your apartment and 3D print lipstick.

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