Fashion People Eat: Jason Trotzuk of Fidelity Denim

Founder and creative director Jason Trotzuk chats with Emily Ramshaw over breakfast about food and the transition of Canadian label Fidelity Denim

Photography, courtesy of Jason Trortzuk and Emily Ramshaw

Jason Trotzuk and Emily Ramshaw; Photo Courtesy of Jason Trotzuk

I meet Jason Trotzuk, of Canadian denim label Fidelity, on a rainy morning at his favourite Toronto greasy spoon, Flo’s Diner. “This is typical diner food,” he warns me, clearly assuming I have a light appetite. Yet I order two eggs, bacon and home fries to his half-portion of eggs Benedict. (The full dish is deemed “much too decadent.”) We lean back against cracked leather banquettes and guzzle coffee as we talk.

In Toronto, the Vancouverite—wearing a blue hoodie and, of course, jeans—prefers staying with friends over a hotel, and repays them with homecooked meals. I inquire about his specialties. “Have you ever been to Vij’s?” he asks, referring to the legendary South Granville curry house in Vancouver. “I like to cook Indian.” On the lino tabletop, he demonstrates using cream, sugar, and salt and pepper dispensers as props—that a good curry requires but four ingredients: garam masala, cumin, turmeric and coriander.

Then we talk shop. Fidelity opened an L.A. office last year after a host of U.S. retailers—including Nordstrom—began placing huge orders. For the summer, at least, Trotzuk and his family are moving south. The transition shouldn’t be tough, given that he already possesses laid-back West Coast spirit in spades: “I purposely go into meetings unprepared. You just let it flow!” Given his success, I’m tempted to try this myself…


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